11 Slightly Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Victoria Beckham

From bulldogs to fanny packs...


by Charlie Byrne |

In the latest of their #73questions video interviews, Vogue USA has spoken to our very own Posh Spice. Now we're a fan of Vicky B, we love love love her awesome collections, but you can't help watching the video without concluding - WTF?!

It's a bit of a weird scenario - Posh is wandering around her LA store answering questions from an invisible interviewer, trying to look as if she hasn't had to pre-memorise the answers to nearly 80 questions and deliver them while walking around the store and interacting with shop assistant extras who can't act for toffee. But nonetheless, we learned lots of interesting, slighty unexpected things about her. For example: ...

She has a bulldog called Coco Chanel who lives in LA

Her kids taught her how to play football in the house

Her favourite colour is sunset orange

She used to be able to juggle

If she had to wear one thing every day for the rest of her life it would be knickers

She would bring the fanny pack to England

She lives next door to Mr Valentino

She regrets 'that' leather Gucci dress which matched David's suit

She can't live without her velcro rollers

Her spirit animal is a swan

Marvin Gaye's Gotta Give It Up makes her dance

She would like to be a tennis pro

You're welcome.

Watch Posh and her swan spirit here:

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