Ten Fashion Rules We’re Sick Of Hearing

Don't mix blue and black. Dress your age. Etc…


by Camilla Ackley |
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There’s definitely no such thing as the fashion rule book; but even if there was we would totally say ‘rules schmoolz’ and ignore it anyway because that’s how we roll. That said some people still like to say that you can’t wear certain things with other certain things. We say, get with the picture; rules are made to be broken. This is what people are telling us this season.

1. Don’t mix black and blue

In our book, blue truly is the warmest colour. It goes with everything, every season and there are endless shades of it to mix with everything else. And if you really can’t make it work, throw some bleach and magically it turns pink.


2. Don’t wear socks and sandals

Whatever. Geek chic is IN with a vengeance. We know it’s not traditionally a sexy look, but it’s comfortable. And that counts for a lot.


3. Pyjama’s are just for bedtime

Lies all lies. Marc Jacobs wore his to work for like, three months. And he’s a totally important designer.


4. Just say no to double denim

What’s wrong with the DD? The Canadian Tux is the only tux.


5. Don’t mix metals or patterns

We say, the more you mix, the less effort it looks like you’re making. The less effort it looks like you’re making, the cooler you look. End of.


6. Trainers are for training in

Sometimes I look down and I can’t remember what my feet look like because they’ve been encased in a pair of Nike’s for the past 3 years. Trainers are not only the only shoe to be wearing right now, they’re also officially good for your feet. So, yay.


7. Red and Pink Stink

Don’t wear red, don’t wear blue, don’t wear white. Somewhere in the world there will be some colour that you’re not supposed to wear. If that’s the way you think then somewhere in the world it’s always time for a glass of wine.


8. Baggy trousers + Flat shoes are a dangerous territory

Teamed with a strappy vest and some spiked hair so you look like a surfer chic from 1997 then, ok, maybe. Teamed with a t shirt and a sloppy blazer then helloooo.


9. Tits OR legs but not both

Pah! We say. Apparently having a smashing rack and a pair of pins out at the same time can give the wrong impression. What’s wrong with the impression of being hot and not afraid to flaunt it.


10. Dress your age

Oh sigh, we know we’re not growing up as quickly as we should. But still, what’s wrong with flitting from pearls and a pencil skirt one day and a tiger striped onsie the next?


This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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