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5 Outfits We’re Taking Inspo From For Work This Week

© Instagram/@sharmadeanreid

9-to-5 made simple.

Every Monday starts with a yawn, a grown and then half of our wardrobe landing on the floor in a pile. Why? Making decisions before coffee is difficult and deciding what to wear to strike the right professional note is even harder.

Since the office dress code widened to include denim (thank God) and even a dash of athleisure (hello cashmere hoodies) it’s actually made choosing an outfit more difficult. Instead of having a set of suits to choose from we now have our whole wardrobe. The very modern problem of too much choice has never felt more real.

We’re looking to influencers like Sharmadein Reid and Maria Bernard who aren’t just winning at work but winning in the style stakes too. There take on professional fashion is enough to jolt us out of our Monday pre-9am fogginess and find an outfit. Here’s five different influencer-approved ensembles we’re copying this week.