What The Most Stylish Women Wear To Work

What The Most Stylish Women Wear To Work

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 31 Aug 2018

    With unspoken rules to adhere to, dressing for the office can feel like the first task of your working day. So often the most stylish women stick to a fashion formula, but it does open you up to that dreaded sartorial rut. Wearing the same thing day-in-day-out will go from feeling chic and uniform to boring and uninspiring if it’s not updated every so often. Give that white shirt and navy trouser combo a much-needed break and get excited by your Monday-to-Friday with a new fashion formula we’d like you to consider. Challenge yourself by adopting the chic separates, impeccable styling and sleek tailoring of the most stylish women on Instagram. Sure, their creative careers allow them to show their personality with more panache than a boardroom might be real for but notice how easily they integrate pattern, colour and proportions for instant outfit gratification.

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