What To Wear To A Wedding

What To Wear To A Wedding

    By Lucy Morris Posted on 27 Jun 2018

    Though the invitation arrived months ago and you can’t remember whether you picked the chicken or the fish that’s not the most pressing dilemma. For women (and men to be fair) what to wear to a wedding is an exact science - it requires precision, tact and artful deployment. Really it’s a lot like war in that way. A sartorial misfire and you’re under attack (from the relatives). Make a sophisticated play and you’ll be thankful for the lurking photographer.

    Forget the ‘I do’s’ knowing what to wear to the wedding reception in the evening can be the make-or-break of the whole affair. Add in any reality checks - like packing an ensemble that doesn’t crease for a wedding abroad, choosing what to wear when you’re pregnant or plus size or scoring a chair at the rehearsal the night before as well - and suddenly that breezy task becomes a typhoon.

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    If the invitation was replete with a dress code then use that guidance carefully. Of course, certain colours and shapes are off-limits (no white, unless specified and nothing too revealing or sheer unless you don’t mind granny’s side-eye). However, don’t feel tied to tried wedding tropes. Sure flowers and lace gowns look pretty but you’ll be part of the crowd, not leading it. If you must wear pastel or overblown florals then add metallic accessories and a clashing shoe. Feel free to break with tradition and pick tailoring, a jumpsuit or separates as not only will you feel a heap more comfortable but you’ll be free to dazzle at the disco.

    If you do dare to wear a hat then prepare to face the Beatrice and Eugenie treatment (i.e. dissection by every on-looker). A classic boater or pillbox will never look out of place, while a floppy Jacquemus sunhat pulls attention and a headband or frosted hairslide is a refreshing twist.

    When it comes to the bag leave that clutch at home as it’s impossible to negotiate the champagne-shaking-hands procedure. The optics of a dinky evening bag is much more modern, anyway.

    In the world of ‘what to wear to a wedding,’ there are some rules that need to be broken. For one, black is no longer considered funereal, it’s chic and urbane in the best possible way. Dare to wear leopard print, but err on the cautious side of this wild print by picking demure lengths and higher necklines. Finally, there’s a bizarre belief that re-wearing an occasion outfit for multiple ceremonies is a faux pas. In this world of mass-consumption, we need to retrain our brains to think otherwise. Start by re-accessorising with new earrings or a statement shoe for a switch-up worthy of the Big Day.

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