What, This Old Thing? How One Influencer Is Recycling This Five-Year-Old Skirt For Spring

Tamu McPherson, founder of All The Pretty Birds reveals what she'll be digging out of her old wardrobe to re-wear - and how...

This Is How An Influencer Recycles Her Favourite Clothes

by Tamu McPherson |

Maybe because it is truly one of the most poetically beautiful pieces I own. Maybe because it’s spring and it’s fittingly one of the first pieces that comes to mind when I unpack my spring/summer closet, but after rereading Tim Blanks’ review of Christopher Kane’s spring 2014 collection, I’m convinced that my pleated botanical chart skirt is the perfect way to kick off this column. In his review, Blanks quotes Kane and says, ‘We live because of flowers and trees. They produce oxygen. But we take them for granted.’ His effort to redress that involved an emphasis on flowers’ reproductive capabilities – and their ‘inevitable correlation with women’. Let’s continue to bloom, ladies.

Tamu McPherson

Refreshing items in my closet is a great way to make a humble contribution to Mother Nature’s work here on Earth. By editing my wardrobe for loved treasures and adapting them to current trends, I can help reduce the fashion-related waste that sits in land fills, as well as add a very welcome padding to my wallet. The Kane floral skirt is dear to me because I was priced out of the original runway version, which featured cut-out appliqués of the flowers. But, after a buyer friend’s tip, I scored this pretty, more affordable incarnation, which enabled me to enjoy the essence of the collection.

That this skirt has to flow into my spring/ summer 2019 rotation makes perfect sense, considering the fact that I absolutely love pleated skirts. So much so that I must confess to having a hard time passing up on them when I spot them in my favourite shops. I am also a huge fan of vibrant prints and it doesn’t get more statement than this. Don’t laugh at this admission, but I actually purchased a large antique botanical chart the summer that I bought this skirt. I know, a bit much, but fashion and art often go hand-in-hand.

This season, I will pair my skirt with an easy jacket-style blouse and kitten-heel mules, or with a blazer styled over a T-shirt and strappy sandals.

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