Liz Loves… Kate Middleton Exclusives And Other Grazia Best-Ever Bits

Liz Loves...The Top 3 Grazia Beauty Moments Of All Time

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Say hello to Liz Loves! Each and every week, our Health & Beauty Director, Liz Hambleton, will be revealing her beauty secrets and makeup must-haves direct from_ Grazia _HQ...*

NYFW Does Colour

As much as I love the usually groomed, understated glamour of NYFW, I was so excited to see the rainbow of colour coming out of this week's shows. Colour blocked eyes, bold painted wigs and fabulous splashes of colour on otherwise bare nails lit up Instagram a treat. And even though I may never be bold enough to wear the full Jeremy Scott look (Well, would you?) I can certainly draw from it. Especially when it comes to planning next season's gorgeous Grazia beauty shoots. I feel a make-up story coming on…


Ten Years Of Grazia Beauty

Tonight marks the opening of our #GRAZIA10 exhibition – ten years of incredible issues and a whole lot of fun. I may not have been here since the beginning (although it does feel like that!), but I’ve had more than my fair share of Grazia beauty moments. Here’s my top 3:

  1. Victoria Beckham cuts and dyes her hair into that blonde 'Pob': back in the day, her hairstylist Ben Cooke was on speed dial to us. I remember calling him the second we saw images on our news feed (No Instagram back then) to get the lowdown on this very bold look! Just one week later there it was in 10 Hot in the magazine…
  1. Nails Become A Thing: before the term ‘It Nail Polish’ was coined, a couple of sell-out colours rocked our world. Revlon Nail Polish In White On White, £6.49 , graced our beauty pages many times during the summer of the ‘Tippex white nail trend.’ Chanel Le Vernis in Black Satin, £18.00, sold out several times over (even we couldn’t get our hands on it!) and who could forget Greige (also £18.00)…
  1. **We Get The Exclusive On The Royal Wedding Nail! **The rest of the world might have been watching Kate and Wills tie the knot on TV at home but former colleague Lauren Murdoch Smith and I were in the office glued to the screen and on standby ready to receive a call from the Royal wedding hairstylist, James Pryce and manicurist Marina Sandoval. A day to remember indeed..
Grazia's Best Beauty Bits

My Ultimate Skinsaver

I loved that Victoria Beckham shared a picture on Instagram of her models receiving some cold weather skin relief in the form of an SK-II Sheet Mask (£83.00 for 10). The only reason my skin has survived the last few weeks of icy weather is because of these wonder working hydrators. I use mine every evening as I lie in the bath…

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