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Leomie Anderson On Walking In The Victoria's Secret Show For The First Time

Exclusive: Leomie Anderson On Walking In The Victoria's Secret Show

This year British model and blogger Leomie Anderson walked for the first time in the Victoria's Secret Show. She took us behind the pink curtain, showing us what the VS show was like through her eyes by taking over our Instagram page. Here we talk to Leomie about how she prepared for the VS show and her modelling advice...

Grazia Daily: What are your memories of the VS show growing up?

Leomie: "
I remember watching the show for the first time when I first started doing fashion week and thinking "this is insane, I hope all shows are like that backstage". Turns out Victoria's Secret really is a one in a million experience so I was over the moon when I found I got the show this year."

Grazia Daily: Is there anyone that’ll inspired your walk in the show?

Leomie: "Of course I love the old school duo of Tyra and Naomi. They were so confident and ruled the runway when they were walking so I was channeling them."

Grazia Daily: What’s been the hardest thing about preparing for the VS show?

"Getting a weave sewn in for the first time. I didn't realise it would take five hours!"

Leomie Anderson backstage at the Victoria's Secret Show [Instagram]

Grazia Daily: What does being picked for your first VS show mean to you?

"It's like getting an Oscar. It was such a euphoric feeling. I've been signed to Premier Model Management since I was 14/15 and been modelling seriously since I was 17, so to finally achieve something so great after over five years is amazing; that's how modelling should be."

Grazia Daily: How does it feel to be an Angel?

Leomie: "I would definitely say there was a sense of sisterhood backstage. It didn't matter whether it was me who was walking for the first time or Adriana who was walking for the 16th time. Everyone was excited and had a great energy about them which made the experience amazing."

Grazia Daily: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

"Drake- no new friends. Haha kidding, but definitely to know who your friends are and keep them close. Without my friends and family I don't think I would've been able to survive being in New York alone. I have a great support system."

Grazia Daily: What’s your workout routine?

Leomie: "
Dancing around in my underwear."

Grazia Daily: What were you most nervous about?

"Doing an ugly face at the end of the runway!"

Leomie Anderson [Instagram]

How do you think the rise of Instagram has affected the modelling industry?

Leomie: "
It's been both a good and a bad thing. It has enabled us as models to take control of part of our image and how we want to represent ourselves to people but now, followers are currency to a certain extent which means that having a big following can effect whether you get certain jobs or not."

Has social media helped you get noticed as a model?

**Leomie: **"
Honestly, I love social media because it has helped me be able to show people more of my personality and personal style which I think has helped me get noticed more. My blog has definitely helped too as people feel they're getting an honest perspective of the modelling industry. "

Do you have any favourite editing apps

Leomie: "I love this app called photo toaster which helped improve the colouring of images."

See more pictures from the Victoria's Secret show in the gallery below...