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As every fashionista knows, trainers are the key to cool. No longer consigned to the gym, trainers inject personality into everyday clothes and special occasion outfits. And with an emphasis on style, comfort and practicality, iconic British brand Gola is your go-to. The latest collection adds street-style flair to getting dressed. If your florals feel too girlish for work, too twee for a night out, add a pair of Gola trainers and you’re good to go! Discover the different ways to wear trainers for 2019, below...

Add An Old-School Edge

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©Photographer: Jonny Storey

Gola Classics Montreal Lustre, £75 from Gola

Rummage through your vintage wardrobe, pull out your coolest dress (you get bonus points for anything patterned) - and then slip on some classic sneakers for an all-over old-school edge. For purists, the Gola Classics Montreal Lustre has been updated with an grey nylon upper and delicate gold leaf embroidery. Perfect for adding a timeless feel to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Nail Retro-Sporty

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Gola Classics Badminton, £50 from Gola

Go retro-sporty by pairing a tea dress or skirt and tee with trainers for summer. Opting for trainers that have a mixture of white and a bright hue will help keep your look feeling fresh and current. Our shoe of choice? The Gola Classics Badminton plimsoll in classic off-white and green.

Add A Pop Of Colour

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Gola Toronto, £75 from Gola

This year, the new way to wear colour is by donning it on your feet. A pop of colour can help bring an outfit to life, so don't be afraid to experiment with clashing hues. Gola Classics Toronto in Baltic blue with ashes of yellow and red are a must. Or be pretty in pink with the Gola Classic Vancouver.

Embrace Pastel Power

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©Photographer: Jonny Storey

Gola Classic Vancouver, £75 from Gola

Since pastel is the new neutral, make sure you add lilac, sky blue, lemon and blush to your spring/summer shoedrobe. A Gola Classic Vancouver trainers boasts a classic silhouette with a romantic new look that will have your feet turning heads for all the right reasons. For an extra chic look, wear with frilled socks.


Trainers To Covet In 2019

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Vancouver Trainers, £75 from Gola

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Badminton Trainers, £50 from Gola

gola trainers3 of 5

Coaster Metallic Cheetah, £50 from Gola

gola trainers4 of 5

Toronto Trainers, £75 from Gola

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Montreal Lustre, £75 from Gola

To step into the new-season in style, let the experts at Gola look after your shoedrobe. Go to to browse the full collection.

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