The Grazia Girl’s Guide To: Finding The Perfect Everyday Bra

Here's how to find a bra that you'll actually want to wear every day.

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Fact: bras are one of those notoriously hard items to buy - there's so many different styles, shapes and sizes available which makes finding the perfect one a little bit of a minefield. But, that doesn't mean that discovering the perfect everyday bra is impossible. In fact, when you know what to look for, it's actually a pretty simple task. Let Grazia help you take the hassle out of bra shopping with our bra guide, below.

How Do I Find Out What Size I Am?

Wearing the right size bra can make all of the difference in terms of comfort, but also confidence. After all, bras make the base of your outfit, and the perfect base can help you stand a little taller and your clothes fit a little better. To find out what size you are, it's best to get a professional bra fitting, like the speedy ones that Victoria's Secret offer. No appointment is required and the fittings take place in the changing rooms.

Leomie Anderson, the newest Victoria's Secret angel recruit, revealed to Grazia that she had her first ever bra fitting in a VS store. 'I had never had a bra fitting before I went to Victoria's Secret, and it really made me realise that I was wearing the wrong size. The bra fitting was really quick, and once I got the right size, I felt amazing. I'd recommend everyone have a fitting there, as the bra experts will make you feel so welcome,' she said.

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What Style Bra Should I Choose?

For an ideal everyday bra that you'll feel comfortable but also confident in, you want to find a style that's well made, is supportive, but is also ultra smooth under clothing. Our recommendation? The new Incredible Bra by Victoria's Secret is available in sizes ranging from 32B to 38F.

If you're keen to find a bra that's just as comfortable as it is invisible, then look no further than the Incredible by Victoria's Secret Bra, which has a smooth back, fully adjustable straps and wider band for an all-over sleek shape. The bra offers just the right amount of lift and shape through padding, whilst also providing that irresistible comfort you'd expect from a luxe everyday bra. One of the biggest bonuses though, is the cushioned underwire which is so hidden you can hardly feel it working. If you need a helping hand, browse through some of our favourite bras and underwear below:


The Grazia Girlu2019s Guide To: Finding The Perfect Everyday Bra

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Incredible Demi Bra in Luscious Violet, £45 from Victoria's Secret

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Incredible Perfect Coverage Bra in Ripe Apricot, £39 from Victoria's Secret

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Sexy Illusions No Show Panty in Solar pink, £9 from Victoria's Secret

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Incredible Demi Bra in Violet Muse, £45 from Victoria's Secret

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Sexy Illusions No Show Panty in Violet Pink, £9 from Victoria's Secret

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Incredible Demi Bra in Luscious Violet, £45 from Victoria's Secret

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Sexy Illusions No Show Hiphugger Panty in Pop Rocks Purple, £9 from Victoria's Secret

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Incredible Perfect Coverage Bra in Citron Glow, £39 from Victoria's Secret

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Sexy Illusions No Show Mesh Cheeky Pant in Citron Glow, £9 from Victoria's Secret

What Style Bra Is Most Supportive?

Did you know that 80% of a bra’s support comes from the band, and not the straps? When trying on a bra, opt for one that has a really supportive band - it should feel comfortably snug and sit level across your back. You can test it by raising your arms as the band shouldn't lift when you do so - if it does, you're probably wearing the wrong size or style. Bras that are made with under-wiring may also provide extra structure and support. Also, although you want a bra that's fitted, you don't want it to be so tight that you can't breathe.

What Colour Bra Is Best?

This totally depends on your personal preference! Normally, popular colours for everyday bras are black or nude, as these camouflage quite well under work clothes. But who's to say you can't wear pink, lime or navy? Certainly not us.

VS Angel Leomie is also an advocate of colour: 'if i’m wearing a white t-shirt, I’ll wear a contrasting colour bra underneath, because I actually want my bra to be visible - it's a style statement. Gone are the days where bras are meant to be modest and hidden, we're now in a day and age where women are really owning every aspect of their look, from their hair and makeup right down to their underwear.'

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How Often Should I Change My Bra?

If you look after your bras by washing them as delicates and avoiding tumble-drying them, they can last up to a year. But it's important to remember that your body is always changing, so it might be wise to get re-fitted every six months. That way, you know you're wearing the most supportive bra possible.

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