Exclusive: Brooke Shields On Staying In Shape And Being A ‘MyTheresa.com Woman’

Exclusive: Brooke Shields On Staying In Shape

Brooke Shiels in Edun dress and Balenciaga bracelets

by Grazia |

American icon, Brooke Shields has been announced as the eighth "mytheresa.com woman" and Grazia had a chance to speak to this legendary model, actress, novelist and so much more....

**Grazia Daily: What would you say has been your most mind-blowing moment in fashion?


Brooke: I will never forget the shootings I have done with Scavullo and Bruce Weber. Both are such amazing talents and everything was so easy with them.

**Grazia Daily: **I watched an interview with you aged 15 and you said that even though one can take a job seriously it must enjoyed and it must be fun. Does that rule still apply to your working career?

Brooke: I did everything from being a movie actress, to starring in a TV series, going back to college and on Broadway stage. I wrote a book last year and that was a whole different thing and I would love to say it was part of a master plan and I just wanted to cast a wide net. But truth be told, every time a medium cooled to me I looked for the next open door somewhere else.

**Grazia Daily: ****You can lay claim to having fabulously full eyebrows way before the likes of Cara Delevingne – were you ever tempted over the years to pluck them as and when the trends changed?


Brooke: My brows are natural. Some years ago I had them reshaped and it took a really long time to get them back to where they are now.

**Grazia Daily: ****Incredible genes aside, how do you stay in such good shape?

Brooke**:** Honestly I am against not looking good myself. I did a photo shoot recently and part of me thought: “you look good” and then I thought “well I’ve got to be okay with it” because I can only do so much. I can exercise, which I do often but I am not in my mid-twenties anymore and I can’t chase that so I have to tell myself: this is what I look like now and I feel good about it!** **

******Grazia Daily: ****What was it about this mytheresa.com project that caught your attention?


Brooke: It feels great to be in a row with such inspiring and talented women as Diane Kruger, Alexa Chung and Victoria Beckham and I am truly honoured to be a part of this project.

**Grazia Daily: ****You have been modelling for almost your whole life. Have you been through stages of feeling differently about it? Does it feel different now? Or do you tend to slip into auto-pilot mode?


Brooke: There was a certain innocence to it all - it was a different industry then. I was doing Vogue covers when I was a baby! I only worked after school, so it'd have to be after 3pm and I would usually be doing my homework in the hair and make-up chair. Being in both of those worlds from a very early age, it became the norm. I've seen kids get destroyed by being these overnight successes. The business today is so very different than it was when I was a child. To be quite honest, I'm not sure I would know how to navigate it, as a mother or as a child today because the input is different, the exposure is different, the morals are different - I don't even know if I could survive this decade of it.

Grazia Daily: **What advice would you give your younger self, if you could?**

*****Brooke: *Believe in yourself and never give up! Find any way you can to do what you are passionate about.

Watch Brooke's mytheresa video below...

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