My Blogger Life: Fashion Me Now On How To Take The Perfect Instagram Picture

My Blogger Life: Fashion Me Now Shares Her Instagram Tips

Fashion Me Now, Lucy Williams, fashion blogger

by Alice Farmiloe |

If you haven't already added Lucy Williams of Fashion Me Now to your Instagram feed, you need to do so asap. The fashion journalist-turned-style blogger started her blog after leaving university as a personal moodboard - it's since evolved into a must-read source of lifestyle inspiration and a showcase for Lucy's amazing personal style. We can't get enough of her nonchalant off-duty style, which favours cosy knits, breton stripes and covetable but classic bags.

We caught up with Lucy to discover the trick to snapping a perfect Instagram shot, her everyday style rules and her surprising love of elasticated waistbands. And if you're feeling stuck in that awkward trans-seasonal fashion limbo, check out Lucy's guide to beating the January style blues.

What is the inside of your wardrobe really like?

"Horribly messy and disorganised! I can never find anything and my bedroom always looks like war zone when I'm trying to get ready... Our flat is super small so me and my boyfriend have been sharing a closet for the last 2 years. No idea how we've done it to be honest! We're moving next year and I'm most excited for having my own wardrobe..."

How do you take such beautiful Instagrams - do you take them on your phone? Use any editing apps?

"I take most of my Instagrams on my camera and transfer them over. I use an Olympus Pen and it has Wifi that means I can swap them to my phone straight awy. Then I use Afterlight for editing and sometimes VSCO for trickier light that needs more work."

Instagram @lucywilliams02

You're quite a jet setter! What are your favourite places to travel to?

"Right now I rarely get to go to the same place twice but there are a few places I'm longing to go back to... Sri Lanka and Mexico were both incredible while L.A got under my skin after just one visit. In 2016 I want to do more of Europe like Southern Spain and the Greek Islands and I really want to go back to Africa with my boyfriend. Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia are all on my life bucket list."

How would you describe your style in 3 words?

"Casual, relaxed and a little bit tomboyish."

Fashion Me Now

What is on the top of your shopping list for 2016?

"Right now, it's probably the Balenciaga canvas tote bag...I'm already envisioning it on my arm as hand luggage."

How did you get into the world of blogging?

"It all just started as a hobby while I was interning at magazines after university. It grew slowly and steadily over the years and eventually, after taking up every weekend and evening, overtook my day job in trend forecasting. It was always just something I loved doing, so I still have to pinch myself that its my job now."

What's the best thing about being a fashion blogger?

"It's that weird mix between everything being work, and nothing feeling like work. I love working from home, being my own boss and managing my own time while being able to be creative on a daily basis. Travelling for work has to be a real perk too and something I'm always grateful for."

What would you never blog about?

"That's a tricky one as I'm normally pretty open to suggestions! I once said I would never wear dungarees and let's just say, I've worn a lot of dungarees since then... Maybe if I started blogging about dishwasher tablets or hoovering - I'd like someone to tell me to get my act together!"

Fashion Me Now

What makes a good OOTD backdrop?

"I just like a painted brick wall if I can find one."

What do you wear when you’re off duty that would never be on your Instagram or blog?

"When I'm working at home, you'll normally find me in Uniqlo thermal leggings, thick socks and a massive oversized hoodie or cardigan with my hair in a top knot. I'm a grandma with a love of elasticated waistbands deep down."

What are the style rules you live by?

"Less is more is definitely one of them - I'm a big believer in the rule of two so having two focal points in an outfit and keeping everything else to neutral, good quality basics. Feeling happy in what you have on is the most important thing. Even when others around you are saying how fantastic you look, you never have a great time if you feel uncomfortable."

What’s the one main thing you don’t think your followers know about you?

"Probably my love of elasticated waistbands..."

Fashion Me Now

What has been your biggest pinch-me moment?

"Shooting a big campaign in New York on The High Line in front of a 100 onlookers and a crew of 30... I definitely had a bit of an out of body experience with that one!"

Have you had an embarrassing fashion moments over the years that you haven’t wanted to share?

"My university years were one long embarrassing fashion moment I fear... Those were the days when we thought calf-length leggings under denim skirts were a good idea and I used to use Kirby grips to pin my beanie to the back of my head. Sad but true."

What's your beauty regime?

"I don't have much of a regime as such as it changes everyday - somedays I just about manage to brush my hair and moisturise, while others I'll take way more time. I do religiously take off my makeup with Garnier Micellar water and use a good face mask and hair mask every few weeks. I like Rodial and Glossier for skin and Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for my bleached hair."

What are your go-to beauty products?

"I'm pretty low maintenance in terms of blow dries and manicures (i.e I never do them), but I'm product obsessed. Recently I've been using This Works Light Time cleanser, Bamford Serum and Creme de la Mer moisturiser - all amazing for winter skin. YSL CC cream, Glossier Brow Boy and Loreal Paris Hair Oil are all everyday favourites too. I love a bath with Ila salts followed by the jasmine-scented body oil too..."

Fashion Me Now

How much do you think about the Instagrams you post?

"Sadly I have to admit I do think about them quite a lot - I'm a total perfectionist in that way. It doesn't take me long to take them and they're not shot weeks or even days in advance, it's more about deciding between two I like and what to write that takes longer."

Who do you like to follow on Instagram?

"So many people... So it Goes magazine, Lucy Laught for her beautiful travel shots and Symmetry Breakfast always make my cereal feel very underwhelming!"

What's been your 2015 highlight?

"Working with Missoma on my jewellery collection. We designed two collections together, the most recent of which just launched with 20% of each sale going to the charity Wellbeing of Women. Being able to design, make and sell my dream pieces of jewellery and raise money for an amazing cause feels so lucky."

Instagram @lucywilliams02

Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

"I'm not very good at resolutions and always seem to have the same ones! Drink more water, get into a proper exercise routine and finding that elusive work/life balance are always in there..."

What are your go-to apps?

"I'm horribly addicted to Uber and I'm on the Rightmove app everyday day right now as I'm trying to buy my first flat."

Shop Lucy's edit of winter style essentials below:


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