Kanye and Kim’s Yeezy Sliders Are As Practical As A Canoe Without A Paddle

kim kardashian kanye west slippers yeezy

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This weekend, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian attended 2 Chainz wedding, she in blinding fluoro and him in a pair of sliders several sizes too small. With a great deal of swagger and a pair of tube socks, which couldn’t have helped the cause, he tried to pull them off. Meaning, a lot of attitude and a lot of shuffling ensued. It was, in no uncertain terms, a certified lewk.

Usually, when two celebrities where a specific trend it’s worth taking note, even buying into it. But, the coincidence of Kanye wearing ridiculously teeny, rather wobbly nylon velcro slippers with chunky socks a few days after Kim Kardashian feels less like a coincidence and more like a marketing ploy. Kim too struggled with hers. They were too small - though not quite as tiny as Ye's - and too unstable and too sweaty for LA in the summer.

Plot twist: does this couple share shoes? It would at least explain why Kanye’s slippers are too small for him.


kim kardashian kanye west slippers yeezy

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kim kardashian kanye west slippers yeezy

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kim kardashian kanye west slippers yeezy

Justin Bieber, himself an arbiter of eccentric comfort-first fashion, has been known to wear a slipper as an outdoor shoe. For the best part of 2018, he has shown his undying love for two things: Hailey Baldwin and those disposable white slippers you find in generic hotel rooms. He’s worn them in New York, to the beach and even when his road trip to the Hamptons got derailed by a broken down car. Sure, he’s got the coffers to afford the most grotesquely expensive shoes, but he evidently has a penchant for this nondescript normcore slipper. And, like the Kardashian-West’s, he too prefers to take his with a side of sports sock.

Once a crime of fashion, socks and sandals are part of the street style parlance. Is this one stage further the future of footwear? Let’s hope not, or lets at least pray that evolves into something with a sturdier sole and arch support. Either way, I think we have carte blanche to now wear whatever we want to a wedding - black, white, slippers and sports socks, bring it on

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