Maddie Ziegler: Everything You Need To Know About The 13-Year-Old Sia Star

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If you thought the first and last time you’d be admiring a 13-year-old girl’s style was when you not-so-accidentally stumbled upon Tavi Gevinson’s fashion blog, The Style Rookie, then you’d be wrong.

Step forward, Maddie Ziegler. You've probably heard her name before, especially since the award-winning teen dancer is often called one of America's biggest new stars, and she just won the title of Seriously Popular at this year’s People’s Choice Awards - beating Cara Delevingne and Kylie Jenner, for crying out loud.

So, who is Maddie Zielger?

Where is she from?

Maddie was brought up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

How did Maddie become famous?

Brought up in Maddie first shot to fame in 2011 as one of the stars of brilliantly trashy, American reality show, Dance Moms. Now, she’s an internet sensation, social media star, professional actress, singer and dancer. Even typing all that makes us feel exhausted.

How old is Maddie Ziegler?

Yes, she’s really, at the time of writing, just 13. Maddie was born on 30th September 2002. Let. That. Sink. In.

Maddie Ziegler's Capezio Ad

Maddie has been revealed as the star of American dancewear brand Capezio. The video sees Maddie taking part in a ballet lesson, her all-black outfit standing out against the traditional costumes worn by the other wannabe ballerinas. She then breaks away from the rest of the class to pull off some jaw-dropping interpretative dance moves. The petition for Maddie to star in a re-make of Taylor Swift's 'Shake It Off' video starts here...

Maddie Ziegler on Dance Moms

In 2011, Dance Moms, a Lifetime reality TV show following, well… a bunch of moms who encourage their children’s dance careers, signed up a new cast member: Melissa Gisoni, and her then 9-year-old daughter, Maddie, who became it's breakaway star. Rumour has it that Maddie's now set to leave the show. Well, four years is a long time to work somewhere...

Maddie Ziegler And Sia: Chandelier

2014 was when Maddie really hit the big time. Her undeniably powerful contemporary dance in the video for Australian musician, Sia Furler’s throat-croakingly-difficult-to-sing hit, Chandelier, sent her to the stratosphere, and bagged her a starring role in two more of Sia’s music videos.

Suddenly, Maddie was everywhere, appearing in not just teen magazines, but in some of the most influential fashion publications and on the biggest talk shows in the world. She even performed with Sia at the Grammy Awards.

Maddie Ziegler on PLL

In addition to her busy Dance Moms schedule, Maddie found time to make guest appearances shows like Pretty Little Liars, where she starred as ‘Creepy Dancer’, and The Disney Channel show Austin & Ally. Expect more acting roles - including a leading role in the upcoming film The Book Of Henry, alongside Naomi Watts.

Maddie Ziegler completes the Sia trilogy

The second in the Maddie/Sia collab trilogy was the video for Elastic Heart, which saw Maddie and reluctant movie star Shia LeBeouf dancing inside a cage, both wearing nude-coloured leotards. The emotive video, and its two stars' age differences, naturally conjured up a storm of controversy. Months later, Maddie starred in the video for Sia’s single, Big Girls Cry. In total, she helped Sia rack up an eye-watering 1.6billion views.

Maddie Ziegler’s style

From attending Zac Posen and Betsey Johnson shows at New York Fashion Week, to rocking the likes of Christian Siriano on the red carpet – Maddie’s style education is well and truly on course. It won’t be long before we’re seeing her on best dressed pages everywhere.

Does Maddie have Instagram?

Her hugely popular Instagram is filled with pics of friends and fun times, just like you'd expect from any teenager. Except, oh wait, there she is just casually hanging out with global superstar Taylor Swift, like it’s no thing.

Does Maddie Ziegler have Twitter?

You can follow Maddie at @maddieziegler. She’s teetering close to the edge of a no-big-deal 1million followers. No wonder TIME named her one of 2015’s most influential teens.

Maddie Ziegler's interview for Paper magazine

Click here to find out more about Maddie's interview for Paper magazine where she modelled and Guest Edited the issue.

What’s next for Maddie?

More awards, more commercials, high-fashion spreads, her own reality series, big time movie roles and more music videos – it’s unclear what Maddie will do next, but no doubt Hollywood will be leaving the door wide open.

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