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We’re Really Into The Queen’s Off Duty Look

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The royal family have a very strict dress code as we know, there is royal protocol around skirt length, shoulder coverage, heel height, coats and even nail varnish.

So when we see any member of the royal family dressed down (i.e. not wearing a tailored coat, long skirt and jewels) we’re a little surprised.

You can imagine our reaction when we saw the Queen looking happier than we’ve seen her in recent times, at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

The show is practically in her back garden which might be why she’s so chuffed, but we can’t help but thinking this might be what the Queen would do with her time if she wasn’t, you know, the Queen of England.

With the royal wedding just over a week away, she probably needs a break from all the planning and giving her official nod to the finer details of the proceedings - rumor has it that she will approve Meghan's dress before the ceremony.

Let's see some more pictures of what the Queen looks like in her down time, shall we?

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