#FashionBoss: 7 Style Lessons To Learn From Meryl Streep’s Vintage Wardrobe

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“What’s it like working at a magazine,’ is a question that pops up when you mention you’re a fashion journalist. There is the burgeoning interest in the behind-the-scenes. The gossip. The could-be tension between colleagues. Translation: “Is it anything like The Devil Wears Prada?” Short answer: Yes and no.

Fashion cupboards spewing with designer dresses that cost more than two months’ rent? Yes. BUT, luckily, I’ve never had a superior quite as petrifying as the ruthless Runway editor Miranda Priestly. But for all her sarcastic put-downs, anyone at all vaguely interested in fashion can learn a lot from the most iconic ‘fictional’ boss in history. 1.) Clothes matter, people! 2.) Always move at a glacial pace 3.) A distinctive ‘do goes a long way.

The HRH of Hollywood who played the fiery fashionista - Meryl Streep - has a less-is-more approach to style off-screen (she once said ‘expensive clothes are a waste of time’). Looking through the ‘70s and ‘80s archive, there are some stark similarities though. Both women have a penchant for power suits (sure, it was the ‘80s, so everyone did), embellishment and OTT jewellery (a big trend this season, we might add).

To celebrate Meryl Streep’s 68th birthday today, let’s remind ourselves of all the times the 20-time Oscar nominee actress lead in the style stakes…

Base coat

meryl streep

Working the minimal, Scandi-style trend in the ‘70s - see Weekday for modern-day shirt-jacket replicas.

All white everything

meryl streep

Warning: Do not eat Ketchup if you’re trialling this look at home.


meryl streep

This look is everything.

Party kimono

meryl streep

FYI: Zara and Mango are all over this look RN.

Trophy inspo

meryl streep

Stats this year even revealed that as many as 50 percent of women who wore gold to the Oscars in the past have gone on to win big in the last ten years. Lucky hue?

Keeping it classic

meryl streep

A light trench coat will never go out of style. Never.

The 'look-at-me!' co-ord


Gold? Check. Power suit? Check. Oh, the hair. Say what you will about this look: It's memorable dontchathink?

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