What Actually Happens When Meghan Markle Wears Your Design

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Have you heard of the label Mackage? A year ago the answer was likely no. But that was before the label’s unofficial spokesperson Meghan Markle vaulted the Canadian brand into the global conversation.

It was a grey Friday in Northern Ireland when Markle wore a waterfall collared double-faced Australian wool coat that cost £551. But for designers Eran Elfassy and Elisa Dahan, the sun was shining as this endorsement propelled the label’s site traffic to five times its daily average.

‘Meghan has a huge impact on the brand as all three items she has worn have completely sold out’, explains Elfassy and Dahan who launched the label nearly two decades ago in 1999. Though Mackage is stocked in 27 countries and has several freestanding stores, the so-called ‘Meghan effect’ has boosted the brand to a new vantage point. ‘When she was seen wearing the Elodie jacket our website had quadrupled in traffic, and when she wore the Mai [coat] our website saw five times the traffic’, they reveal.

The dint of her appeal has buoyed their social media following too. The label gains 1500-2000 new followers when the former actress wears one of their pieces. The oscillations of the bride-to-be’s wardrobe choices can be felt in their media impressions too, which reached 1.6 billion within 24 hours of a photo of Markle wearing one of their items. Elfassy says, ‘[h]er visibility really extends [our] reach especially to those in UK where we have seen our site traffic increase by 200% in the recent months.’ It would be hard to name and advertisement or influencer that has such a bombastic effect as Meghan.

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Meghan’s power to shift relatively unknown labels has made her a fashion unicorn. Regularly compared to Michelle Obama, the star of Suits is unlike her sister-in-law-to-be the Duchess of Cambridge in that she uses her soft-power to promote off-the-rack labels. Where the Duchess spends months having pieces specially tailored, Markle has diplomatically shone a spotlight on smaller contemporary labels from across the world. Though she’s shown obvious favour to her adopted home, Canada, by wearing brands like Mackage with seeming regularity, what she wears next is never a given.

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