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Lady Gaga Attends London Premiere Dressed As Elizabeth I

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An engagement ring was spotted amidst the medieval glamour…

A Star Is Born is a new film directed by Bradley Cooper, starring him and Lady Gaga, and that’s why the singer (Gaga, not Cooper, who makes a good go of it on their new song) has been spotted in ultra-glam old-school Hollywood gowns of late.

But at the world premiere of A Star Is Born in London, Gaga decided to go a little more traditional approach.

In an Alexander McQueen gown, she threw back to the Elizabethan period, with a ruff, a billowing white and gold skirting and gold embossed bodice. Ok, so it was a bit more garish than whatever strict protestant Elizabeth I was into, a bit more flourish-y, Mary Queen of Scots style (by way of Louis XIV), but it was still pretty major.

A huge departure from her sleeker numbers, it reminds us of that time Kate Middleton turned up for her Canada tour with a maple leaf hat on, like she’s dressing like an British emblem because she’s in Britain.

Plus, Gaga was also sporting the lilac ring that has long been rumoured to be an engagement ring, given to her by boyfriend Christian Carino. Debuted by Gaga at the February Grammys, the ring is, a jewelry expert called Kathryn Money told Page Six, worth over $1 million. But the star is yet to confirm the news.

What has been confirmed is the leading song from A Star Is Born. Shallow basically sounds like a slower Lady Gaga track, except it’s got Bradley Cooper drawling on it.

That voice, that deep grizzly voice, is the product of hard work with a vocal coach, because, as Cooper recently insisted: ’Your voice is everything as an actor.’

‘It’s everything. It’s everything. And if you’re not connected to your voice, it’s over. It’s impossible. It’s like plugging in the electrical cord to truth, right?’

As for electrical cords to the truth, Cooper has also admitted that, during the film, when Gaga and Cooper’s characters are arguing, he calls her ugly, a line that wasn’t in the script. According to The New York Times, Gaga’s devastation is real, and she later told the paper: ‘We left a space for there to be both love and hurt at the same time.’

Which is one way of putting it…