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Discuss: The Meaning Behind Kate Moss’ Leather Jacket

© Saint Laurent

Kate Moss attended the Met Gala in New York last night. As expected, she looked very glamorous. She wore a thigh-length Saint Laurent black halter neck dress with an ostrich feather collar and diamond earrings. Next to Rihanna in her Papal mitre and Sarah Jessica Parker dripping in more gold than the Vatican, her restrained look was subtle but glorious.

Not satisfied with dropping one big look while taking in the Big Apple, Moss has been captured wearing a very different kind of statement item. Over the past weekend, she wore a leather jacket printed with the words ‘Make America Kate Again’ on the back.

What does this mean? Is Mossy moving to America? Is she gearing up to talk politics? Who knows - but is it ok to poke fun at Trump's presidential campaign slogan these days?

At first, we were tickled by Donald Trump and his presidential run. His cheap scarlet cap that echoed Nixon’s campaign slogan (‘Let’s Make America Great Again’) was was so unironic it was almost amusing. Hipsters in Silver Lake and Brooklyn swapped out their trendy ‘dad caps’ for Trump’s rope hat. But then, the full force of Trump’s presidency wasn’t yet felt. It’s been one year and 107 days since he took office and a lot has changed. A lot has gone backwards. Progressive bills from the Obama’s era have been reversed and fragile international relationships have been picked at like a scab that’s not left to heal. Moss may be having a little fun with her leather jacket but the phrasing is so beleaguered with the negativity of Trump’s diktat that you have to ask how can you laugh in such a dire situation?

Call us po-faced, say we have no sense of humour but is Moss’ jacket a sophisticated satire? No. Is she the only one guilty of making this type of joke? Certainly not. But, does that mean it’s worth poking fun when Trump is still the most powerful man in the world?