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The Curious Case Of The One Accessory Jennifer Aniston Hasn’t Taken Off Since Her 'Friends' Days

jennifer aniston toe ring instyle

Never forget Jennifer's toe ring

You read Grazia so you probably already know Jennifer Anniston was recently on the cover of a magazine (a competitor, albeit). As a lady of considerable means and unlimited access to top-tier fashion and jewellery designers, it’s surprising, scrap that, astonishing that she was pictured wearing an extremely divisive accessory. Since the days of her most famous role, Rachel Green in Friends, Anniston has rarely taken off this subtle gold band. And, before you say it, no, it’s not a secret wedding ring.

For something so minimalist, so unnoticeable it’s totally bizarre. But, then again when is a toe ring not bizarre? If you’re a keen Aniston stan, you’ll know that she’s been in a long-standing relationship with this itty bitty accessory. Sure it smacks of 90s tweens high on sugar and Barry M fumes at a sleepover, but isn’t it quite refreshing? Here’s a celebrity that dresses up ‘sexy’ for photo shoots, looks glamorous at premieres and age-defying on the beach wearing something so hopelessly unfashionable.

For most of us, jewellery falls into two camps: sentimental or fashion. The former ebbs with emotion, tenderness and memory. The latter, is exciting, enriching even. Where then does Jennifer Aniston’s accessory fall? She’s worn it in nearly every photograph (though we can’t talk to any featuring closed-toed shoes) since at least 2002 - if not earlier. There was a brief blip when it was reported she took it off (sacrilege!) circa the time of a certain partner. But, evidently, those days are long over.

Zoom In: A Visual History Of Jennifer Aniston's Toe Ring

To give credit where it’s due we’re living through the days of bad taste fashion where bum bags - more politely called ’belt bags’ in 2018 - are du jour and a chainmail halterneck top is considered chic. However, we're not convinced J.An is wearing this because the trends say it’s OK to be a bit gnarly. In fact, we think, she just forgot to take it off. Toe rings were a thing (back in the 90s) and then they weren’t, but our hypothesis is simple: Anniston never noticed they dropped off the style agenda and left hers on. Then tan lines happened and pedicures worked around the band and the next thing you know, this boho-throwback is on for life.

To be fair, outside of the glamour circus of Hollywood, Aniston is that classic West Coast babe with sun-bleached hair and low-rise jeans. She’s eternally in summer mode, at her element in salt-whipped sea air wearing flip-flops and a tank top. In this context a the band almost makes sense. You see it's refreshing that this toe ring is that little bit of the ‘real’ Jen seeping into the A-Lister Jen character.