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Is This Why Bella Hadid Always Wears Sunglasses (Even When It’s Nighttime)?

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Batman has Robin, the Queen has her colour-coordinated suits and Bella Hadid has her sunglasses and never shall they be parted. Some may say Bella’s penchant for minutiae specs may be a fashion choice but I have a theory - it’s totally unproven and based on nothing more than a hunch. But, I think I might be on to something.

Since Bella was launched into the public eye some four years ago she has rarely been seen in public without a trusty pair of shades. In fact, she, along with her sister Gigi, were the juggernauts behind the micro-sunglass trend that’s sweeping fashion right now. Awkwardly small, they look like something that the cast of the Matrix would have worn on the film’s press junket. In other words, in zero capacity will they shade your eyes. I always put Bella’s mini-sunnies addiction down to her understandable desire to become a fashion icon and in turn sign lucrative deals with glasses brands. But, a picture came to light recently that has me rethinking this.

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Said photograph shows Bella looking uncharacteristically casual (and dare I say relatable). Usually, the model is pictured in a co-ord or tailoring, usually by some under-the-radar label, but this time she’s wearing denim cut-offs and a pullover with (most importantly!) a pair of glasses. Not sunglasses, but run-of-the-mill, fix-your-eyesight glasses. It was a mic drop moment when I realized Bella, like me, like 77% of the UK, has less than 20-20 eyesight and that maybe, just maybe, this is why she’s rarely seen without sunglasses. Though one question remains: are these prescription shades or light reaction lenses?