#BabyBoggles: What To Buy For A Newborn

#BabyBoggles: What To Buy For A Newborn

Ridley in his personalised loungewear from my1styears.com

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** Heat’s editor in chief Lucie Cave has been blogging about her pregnancy and now her new born son. This week she’s pimping him up with some baby essentials (and some not-so-essentials)**

My little fella is eight weeks old now and no matter how many times I told myself I would be careful with my money when I was on maternity leave (I wouldn't waste dosh buying him things he'll only grow out of! He would survive on hand-me-downs and hats made from macaroni!) I didn't take into consideration just how many waking hours there would be in my new day/night job. Or how very important shopping seems at 2am and how many must-haves-right-now there are for your new baby. After all there is no better person to market products to than a brain-dead-zombie-mother in the middle of the night with milk leaking from her bazookas.

And while my son Ridley might not be parading about in Balmain bomber jackets or being massaged in crème de la mer like Kim & Kanye's daughter North West, he's doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the Keira Knightley’s (well, he’s got the same buggy anyway). Here are some discoveries I’ve made on the journey...

The A List buggy

Keira Knightley with her Cybex wheels

Every year there seems to be a new ‘IT’ buggy on the market and this time it's the turn of swanky newcomer Cybexwho have said bugga-bye-bye to other brands with the Priam 3-in-1 travel system, which takes kids from birth to 4 yrs. The Priam is super slick, easy to put up and down and a smooth wheeler (that’s my not-very-technical-review anyway) with celeb fans including Keira Knightley, Rosamund Pike and Liv Tyler. And in the ultimate pimp-a-thon, Rita Ora’s fave designer Jeremy Scott recently unveiled a capsule collection in front of the fash pack at fashion concept store 10 Corso Como, Milan. And what hot mama can argue with a buggy with such bling!?

Jeremy Scott adds his trademark shazam to a new Cybex range

The sleep essential

The Sleepyhead - if only they made them for grown ups..

Babies and sleep aren't words that mix very well so when a product claims to make babies snooze like, well, babies they’re on every parents get-me-now! list. The Sleepyheadhas fans like Kim Kardashian and is a luxury hybrid bed meets changing pad, travel cot and play pod. Available in two sizes – for newborns (0-8 months) and toddlers (9-36 months) – it’s just a shame it’s not big enough for adults. Ridley has been lounging about in his since he was a week old and I use it as an insert in his cot for extra cosiness. Their new fashion-led Lovemetrics collection just won the Highly Commended award in the Junior Design Awards 2015.

**The designer changing bag **

Kerikit bags make seriously cool mamas

When carting your kid about you need a fairly hefty bag, with pockets to fit in all the ‘oh god they’ve pooed themselves’ essentials for when you’re out and about. Which usually mean having to ditch your designer handbag for a yukky floral thing with ‘mama’ emblazoned across it in sparkly letters. Until now! Kerikitbags are luxury changing bags that look like they’ve got nothing to do with babies whatsoever. And will last you well beyond those early years of motherhood. Designed in Italian leathers and skins they are swanky on the outside and practical on the inside – an internal removable organizer holds all your baby shizz neatly away.

The Jasper Anaconda

The personalized everything

Anyone can own their own engine!

Having spent nine months arguing over names for your child, you want everyone to know darn sure what he is called once you have him. So it’s thoughtful of My 1st years to help out – with their brilliantly cute personalized offerings like dressing gowns, trainers and lounge wear. Your baby can even have his own fire engine.

The cute clobber

dinosaur head

From cow print leggings and dinosaurs on your head – jojomamanbebe is one of the cutest places you can look for clothes. While Blade and Rose do snazzy leggings with their trademark designs on the derriere.

Blade and Rose cute leggings and other clobber

The sassy stuff

Nippaz with Attitude - brilliant and never boring

But if you’re after something a bit more edgy then let Nippaz with Attitude dress your little one. Started back in 2001 by two mates with a background in music and art who were fed up with run-of-the-mill kids clothes, the design ideas are inspired by puns, lyrics and a religious love of cultural shoplifting. From their ‘I got 99 problems but a bib ain’t one’ to the love hate mitts and ‘breaking dad’ sleep suits - it's guaranteed to turn your kid into a talking point.


The gob stopper

Designer dummies!

Nearly every parent swears they will never resort to giving their baby a dummy and obviously that vow gets broken within about three days (Peace! At last!) so if you’re going to shove something in their little mouths it might as well look nice. Step forward Tiggyfashion soothers – colour coordinating every outfit + anatomical teats made to compliment babies natural sucking = good for them as well as looking good.

Ridley rocking his Tiggy teat

Celeb fans include Pussycat dolls Kimberly Wyatt has the green Tiggy for her little daughter Willow.

Well if its good enough for a mini Pussycat Doll..

The nursery

Simon the soother.. what every nursery needs?

I kitted Ridley’s pad out with stuff from Mamas and Papas including a cot bed that will last him ‘til he’s at least four and a nifty changing tray that fits across the top. And yes, that is a scary picture of Simon Cowell surveying the whole scene. If that won’t force him to close his eyes and sleep I don't know what will.

The green goodness

Ethical Giraffe anyone?

If you’re after serious feel-good factor then everything stocked on Bambino Green is completely planet-friendly (aka green and ethically traded) They have lots of little treasures to delight the smallest members of your famille (or your present list) from their unique ‘crayon rocks’ kit to ‘rock love peace’ teethers and jumpers that look like giraffes.

Crayon chic

The wear-your-baby-to-work

Baby Bjorn - dad not included

**** Sometimes you can’t be arsed to put up a buggy – so carrying your baby in a nifty sling is the answer. By far the slickest design comes from Baby Bjornwhose carriers work from birth to toddler. They’ve just released a new denim range too – and obviously every dad looks just like this wearing it too...

The fancy dress

Peacock playtime anyone?

I defy any parent to resist making their baby up as an owl, bear or a peacock. After all, what’s the point of children if you can’t play fancy dress?! It's all in Time to dress upon Not on The High Street.

Bear hug?

The gadgets

Warming up nappy time

However much you think you’ve prepared for your baby, someone will come along with a gizmo you think you can’t live without. Gadgetbabyis just that place. With everything from the The Wipes Warmer (because no one wants a cold bum when they’re getting their nappy changed) to the ‘buggy media entertainment centre and organiser’ (yep, that), the handbag with teething toys attached and the child safety locking device which sends an alert to your phone when your child is out of proximity (which come to think of it might also work on husbands…)

child safety... in a wristband!

The ultimate pampering treatment

Ridley kicking back in the spa

Clobber, bags, buggies and gadgets aside, I recently discovered the ultimate pampering treatment for small people – the Baby Spa in Kensington. Founded by swimming expert Laura Sevenus it’s a unique water flotation experience for babies aged 0-6 months with the patented BUBBY ™ - a genius flotation device that fits loosely around a baby’s neck supporting them safely and comfortably in water. Unaffected by gravity, the BUBBY ™ allows the baby to kick about like a mad thing in the water like he's suddenly free and discovering his limbs for the first time. Added to that the water immersion is meant to improve sleep quality and reduce discomfort from colic, wind and constipation. And after the dip? The little ones are treated to a baby massage! Ridley couldn’t wipe the grin off his little face and it was amazing to watch.

The .. on second thoughts maybe not..

Obviously you could always ditch all my suggestions and just buy a jumper that makes your baby look like something from Alien instead…

Now why don't they stock these in Baby Gap?


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