We Got Ready For The BAFTAs With Actress Stacy Martin

We Get Ready For The BAFTAs With Stacy Martin


by Emma Spedding |
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It can be hard enough to decide what to wear on a Monday morning, let alone to one of the biggest red carpets of the year. Ahead of the BAFTAs on Sunday evening we caught up with actress Stacy Martin in the Lancôme BAFTA suites to find out what the red carpet process is really like for those who stand in front of the flashbulbs.

In case you don't know, Stacy is the actress who starred in the controversial film Nymphomaniac with Shia LaBeouf and she is currently filming with Robert Pattinson.

How did you pick what to wear for the BAFTAs?

**Stacy: '**I'm wearing a beautiful Louis Vuitton navy dress. I didn't try on that many actually it was sort of obvious when I tried it on. I just thought, yep this is the one and they were completely happy with it so that was good. No it wasn't at all stressful like I thought - it was much easier than I anticipated, thank god.'

When did you have your first fitting?

Stacy: 'Last week. It's my first BAFTAs so I didn't know how it all went down, but it's pretty smooth and easy. I am lucky, or maybe it's just easy? It's quite weird I just tried a dress on, it looked nice, I liked it, and done! Well I tried a few more than just one, but it was an obvious choice.'

How did you decide on your beauty look?

Stacy: 'I wanted something that is still me, but a bit more glamorous and not stressful. I didn't want to wear too much makeup because then it smudges and I tend to always ruin it. It's waterproof, so if I cry it's all fine. I won't but, it might just be terrifying and when I get there I'll break down like I can't do it!'

How do you decide what to do with your hair?

Stacy: 'It's based on the dress really. I have it down a lot, so i wanted to have it up this time so it doesn't move and i don't have to stress about it. I'm a very practical person. anything that's practical I'm in. I had it done at the George Northwood salon - very chilled.'

Stacy Martin's makeup by Lancome [Instagram]
Stacy Martin's makeup by Lancome [Instagram]

What do you look for when it comes to the red carpet?

Stacy: 'It really depends. I like changing. I never know until I wear the dress if it's the one. I don't have a pre-conceived idea, I just try things on and see what happens. It also depends where and what event you're going to, because that can change it quite drastically. I tend to go for anything that feels comfortable. it has to be a bit more than my old jeans, because I'm normally quite chilled out so it's good to make a effort. It's not every week you get to go to the BAFTAs!'

Do you get nervous before walking the red carpet?

Stacy: 'Yes!! I am still figuring it out. I'm getting better at it. People just swoosh in and I'm like 'how do you do that?!' When you have stairs that's a difficult one - the shoes and dress, you have to co-ordinate that. I'm not great in heels so I have to always choose the right pair which will keep me to the ground. I'm wearing Louis Vuitton chunky heels. They are higher than my flat shoes for sure, but they're comfy!'

What makeup do you usually wear?

Stacy: 'I don't really wear any makeup. I wear so much makeup for the red carpet, I get very lazy because it'll never be as nice as what people do. Lip balm and some mascara if I have a meeting and that's it. I did do my makeup for one event and I was pretty impressed. I did an eyeliner for a party this week - it was fun!'

Stacy Martin [Getty]

What labels do you like, mostly French labels?

Stacy: 'Yeah I do! It's weird because I don't normally think that way and then suddenly I'm talking to loads of brands and every time I wear something I'm like 'this is me!' I was born in Paris and it feels so French and cool.'

What projects have you got coming up this year?

Stacy: 'On Tuesday morning I'm flying to Budapest to do Brady Corbet's first feature called Childhood of a Leader with Robert Pattinson and Berenece Bejo and Yolande Moreau who I'm very excited about because she's an incredible French actress. They started filming two weeks ago. I feel a bit left out! But I am going to the BAFTAs so I can't complain can I? I'm there for two weeks - I've met Brady and the little boy and that's it!'

Stacy Martin's look was created by Alex Babsky using Lancome


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