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Rihanna Dressed As A Pope For The Met Gala, So Let The Memes Commence

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When it comes to stealing the scene on the steps of the Met Museum, we always knew that we could count on Rihanna. Her Met Gala fashion moments are, of course, too numerous to mention: there's the yellow Guo Pei couture gown, worn for 2015's China: Through The Looking Glass Event, the time when she was the only Gala attendee to give last year's Rei Kawakubo theme a fair shot in full Comme des Garcons splendour... we could go on and on.

But this year, with Ri-Ri taking on co-hosting duties for the first time (alongside Amal Clooney), the singer and future Ocean's Eight star was always going to up the sartorial ante. And with the theme for 2018's Ball set as 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,' what better excuse to dress as... the head of the Catholic Church, the Pope?

If anything, Rihanna's papal get-up is a meme-maker's dream: it's also a highly intricate, beautifully constructed ensemble by John Galliano at Maison Margiela, consisting of a short, heavily embellished mini-dress, worn under a similarly jewel-encrusted overcoat that automatically recalls clerical vestments.

And as for the embellished mitre? It's the work of milliner Stephen Jones. No word as yet as to whether Her Fentyness turned up in a Popemobile, but here's hoping. This is Rihanna's world; we're just living in it.