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What This Dress Is Really Saying: Rihanna In Poiret At The Ocean’s 8 Premiere

© Karla Otto/Getty

As the 'Ocean’s 8' continent-hopping fashion show (sorry promo tour) continued last night in London, Rihanna took to the red carpet in a liquid gold dress by Poiret. The multi-hyphenate business woman’s perfectly positioned neckline revealed a new inking. It read, ‘Never a failure, Always a lesson’. Deep, right? Yet, not quite as deep as the connection Rihanna has with her dress’ designer.

After 90-years of lying dormant, Poiret relaunched this spring with a new designer, Yiqing Yin, at the helm. Nearly a century ago, this iconic label had a similar impact on the sartorial world to Rihanna has now.

After working for the father of haute couture Charles Frederick Worth, Poiret founded his own fashion house in 1903 at 5 Rue Auber. Within a matter of a few years, he was already invoking modern day marketing techniques - launching a perfume and cosmetics arm and an interiors design wing manned by his daughter, Martine. Like, Rihanna with Fenty - a clothing, footwear, lingerie and beauty business that disrupts every market it touches and inspires a thousand copy-cat labels - Poiret was able to turn himself into 360 lifestyle brand catering to all the needs of his fans.

Like Rihanna, Poiret used the stage as a runway. While the soigné singer twirls for cameras on the red carpet in the latest designs by the greatest design talent, Poiret dressed the Ballet Russes in his Avante-Garde imaginations. Known for extravagance and barrier-breaking, the two have so much more in common than this Ocean’s 8 premier.