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The Headpieces At The Met Gala Were Something Else (Meaning: Ridiculous)

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As you’re awake and online, we’ll just assume you already know that it was the annual Met Gala last night. By now you’ve likely seen countless best-dressed lists, heard that 2 Chainz proposed to his girlfriend in front of the paparazzi and that Elon Musk and Grimes decided this would be the event to make their relationship red carpet official.

Usually, when we get dressed for an event we like to look like we’ve made as little effort as possible (even if this is a total lie). This is not the case at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute’s ball. Proof? This year’s theme was ‘Heavenly Bodies’, which meant guests literally took us to church, and not just any parish, but the Sistine bloody chapel. See: Arianna Grande who wore a dress decorated like the famous ceiling. Subtle, this is not.

Douse us in holy water for there was one (ludicrous) sartorial instrument that every celebrity, model and A-list attendee agreed on, the headpiece. Sure, Jacquemus may make ridiculously big sun hats and we all love him for it, but really he’s got nothing on these Met Gala get-ups. We’re talking Frances McDormand’s face covered by a swarm of butterflies. Lana Del Rey wore a feathered crown complete with what looks like half a real bird, Anne Hathaway risked lethal injury with a halo of metal spikes while Rihanna went full theme in a Papal mitre. Sarah Jessica Parker was the only person that reached higher that RiRi as she walked the famous runway with a jewel-encrusted alter on her head. Now, that’s a heavenly body.

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