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At 43, Chloe Sevigny Is Still The Coolest Person At Cannes

© Getty/Shutterstock

Yeah, we know Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner were having a ball in Cannes over the weekend, but our attention was elsewhere. Namely, transfixed on Chloe Sevigny.

In many ways, Sevigny is America’s Kate Moss. She’s also a model-turned-muse with a personal style that’s launched reams of Pinterest pages, but the similarities don’t stop there for she’s that rare celebrity - like Jane Birkin or Edie Sedgwick - thats sartorial legacy is already confirmed. Like Moss, we see pictures of her drunken, woozy and having fun, which just helps cement that she’s that divine meeting of high-fashion and six steps ahead of scenesters. No wonder the New Yorker called her a ‘priestess’ of style.