‘Weird But Good’ Seems to Be The First Reaction To Cats

The musical has finally premiered – and the Twitter reactions are in.

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by Bonnie McLaren |

Never have we been so confused by a film as Cats, and we haven’t even seen it yet. Cats - who don’t look like cats - sexily slinking along, while singing songs, but played by the most famous people in the world, such as James Corden, Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson - and, erm, Jason Derulo? It's all a bit much.

Last night, the film has its long awaited premiere – and the reactions have been as wild as expected. Broadway star Alan Henry confirmed our suspicions about the film by saying, ‘The Cats movie is the strangest, most bewildering, queerest, magical, and spectacular cinematic experience I have ever had. I am not sure what just happened, but I know that it was something worth experiencing.’

Meanwhile, Keaton Kilde, a writer for Vogue, argued that Jason Derulo is the best part of the film, tweeting, ‘The worst thing about Cats is that Jason Derulo is the best part.’

The trailers have been widely ridiculed on Twitter, but one writer argued that the film isn’t actually as strange. ‘Uh, #Cats is kinda great,’ Ben Mekler tweeted. ‘Everything that seemed weird in the trailers just melts away when you’re watching the film. It’s magical and just plain works,’ adding the caveat, ‘with the sole exception of Taylor Swift’s original song about the cats devouring the corpse of an old woman who died in her flat.’ (Yeah, doesn’t sound like something we’re going to be streaming.)

On the red carpet, floor length gowns were what the stars opted for; Taylor Swift opted for a red floral gown, Jennifer Hudson looked resplendent in a lacey dress and Rebel Wilson wore a black maxi dress with a thigh high split. Jason Derulo went for a red fur lined jacket.

See below for some of the best looks.

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Beanie Feldstein
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Beanie Feldstein

The Booksmart star wore a black sequin dress and leopard print pussybow shirt.

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