11 Cannes Red Carpet Poses That Would Never Work IRL

Ella Hosk at Cannes

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Cannes film festival is well underway, and since this year’s event started on May 8th there have been some incredible moments; Cate Blanchett has been gracing the red carpet in an array of standout outfits from pastel pink suits to black Armani Privé gowns, 82 women in film took part in a powerful Time’s Up protest, and Marion Cotillard broke the Cannes rules by wearing flat boots instead of heels.

But we can’t help but notice as we greedily consume hundreds of red carpet pictures from the event, that some of the poses would look pretty odd IRL. There MUST be some kind of red carpet model training that all the stars take part in before attending Cannes.

Let’s unpick some of the most common poses, shall we?


Grazia 11 Cannes Red Carpet Looks We Would Never Do In Real Life

Elsa Hosk1 of 11
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The throw

When wearing a dress with many layers, you obviously want to show them all off - so cue the strange throw pose where you pick up a part of the dress and fling it around (as modeled here by Elsa Hosk) hoping the paps will catch the perfect picture

Jasmine Tookes2 of 11
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The hand cross

Jasmine Tookes shows off the perfect hand cross here, because knowing what to do with your hands when you don't have a bag is tricky. Cross them in front and they won't get in the way of the dresses silhouette

Joan Smalls3 of 11
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The hand on hip, but make it fashion

Pro models like Joan Smalls know that the hand-on-hip pose is just SO basic. So instead go for this modified version with a forward lean and hand slightly lower, on the thigh

Kendall Jenner4 of 11
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The I'm leaving now, but am I?

Is she leaving, is she staying? When it's time to go but you need to make sure you've got a great paparazzi picture in the bag, 'The I'm leaving now, but am I' pose is the one to go for - plus you get to show off your shoes a bit

Nicole Scherzinger5 of 11
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The royal wave

'Hello, is it me you're looking for?' Celebs love a red carpet wave - are they saying hi, bye or just being friendly? Who knows

Bella Hadid6 of 11
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The over the shoulder glare

This is a red carpet classic, especially when wearing something backless like Bella Hadid is here. The aim is to show off as much back as possible without breaking your neck - unfortunately we're just not that flexible, back to pilates we go...

Lena Meyer-Landrut7 of 11
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The best foot forward

Angelina Jolie famously stuck her right leg out for pictures at the Oscars in 2012 and became a meme, this pose by Lena Meyer-Landrut is slightly more subtle. Front and side splits have to be made the most out of, so stick a leg through them and try not to topple over

Naomi Campbell8 of 11
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The totally normal and not at all staged walk

Naomi Campbell knows that red carpet pictures can look very stiff and unnatural, so she employs this sneaky trick and takes a slow step forward to make it seem like she's mid walk

Sonia Ben Ammar9 of 11
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The leg cross

Some of these poses are seriously hazardous but they do make for good pictures. This leg cross modeled by Sonia Ben Ammar means he focus is firmly on the dress, the only time we'd do this in real life is if we needed a wee...

Damaris Lewis10 of 11
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The power stance

As modeled by Damaris Lewis: shoulder's back, leg's wide apart and one leg just slightly in front of the other

Constance Jablonski11 of 11
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The graceful lean

This leaning pose is a way to try and get the best red carpet angle, as Constance Jablonski knows. Just don't lean too far back...

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