Zayn Malik’s New Video Is Probably What Your Average Saturday Looks Like

Minus the carpark bonfire. We never had those


by Jazmin Kopotsha |
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One year ago, Zayn Malik broke the hearts of One Direction fans all over the world by leaving the band.

And if you thought today would forever be the anniversary of that time you spent the day crying into your autographed 1D t-shirt, never fear. Zayn’s debut album ‘Mind of Mine’ is here, and he dropped a new music video too.

Okay, picture the scene. It’s half term, you’re bored as hell so go and meet your mates. What do you do? The answer is nothing. Literally nothing. But you do nothing in various different places to make you feel like you’re doing something. Which is exactly what Zayn and his pals get up to in the video for ‘BeFoUr’.


Here’s a quick summary of what goes down: the weather’s a bit shit, your mate who has a car comes to pick you up, you mooch in the car for a bit. You might pop to the barber shop/hairdressers for a bit. You don’t want to get your haircut or anything, but your mate does so you sit and mooch.

Then you eventually go to a pub where your mate works. There’s a pool table but you don’t play pool because no one ever has the right change. Then you end up at the chip shop at the end of the night and go home.

Admittedly, most of us don’t have murals of our toddler-selves chilling on an outdoor wall somewhere. And it’s unlikely that there would have been a carpark bonfire party on the way to the chippy at the end of the night. But otherwise, it all feels pretty familiar, right?

I mean, this video is a far cry from the steamy scenes in Pillowtalk, so I wouldn’t blame you if it wasn’t what you were expecting at all. But I have to admit, I’m pretty into it.

Sure, it’s unlikely that this is actually how Zayn spends his free time, but would you complain if you bumped into him over some cheesy chips after your night out tonight? Me neither. **

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