Zayn Malik Speaks Out About Cheating Rumours: ‘Theres A Lot Of Jealous F**ks In The World’

Zayn Malik proclaims his love for Perrie on Twitter after photos of him holding hands with another girls surfaced yesterday. He even got so cross he swore.

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Yesterday, pictures were splashed all over the place of One Direction's Zayn Malik holding hands with a girl in Thailand who is not his fiancé Perrie Edwards - and last night he spoke out about the whole debacle on Twitter. And really didn't mince his words:

Just a cheeky 292,036 retweets at the time of writing this. In terms of whether Zayn and Perrie's engagement is on the rocks, obviously only they can know that - but she's been spotted out without her engagement ring recently, despite claims from her friends that she's just getting it cleaned.

Obviously the whole thing has sent One Directioners into meltdown, either violently supporting Zayn or threatening violence if it turns out he has cheated on her, and this isn't the first time he's been accussed of cheating (remember the £500-a-night stripper who took pictures of him sleeping just before their engagement?). But seriously, if he was cheating on her, would he hold hands with the girl at an Example gig? Surrounded by fans taking photos? Surely that's the most stupid thing to do ever, considering he's one of the most recognisable people in the world.

Also, and really sorry, but for future reference it's 'there ARE lots of jealous fucks in the world'. Just saying.

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