Zayn Malik Says That Aliens Told Him To Quit One Direction. Is A Better Celeb Than Taylor Swift

Zayn Malik is the celeb we all deserve. Zayn Malik behaves like he's meant to. Zayn Malik is the anti-Taylor.

Zayn Malik Says That Aliens Told Him To Quit One Direction. Is A Better Celeb Than Taylor Swift

by Jess Commons |
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In between all this nonsense about Taylor Swift and the rest of that whole thing that we should be caring about loads and loads, we seem to have forgotten that we have other celebrities to talk about.

Other celebrities act like they're supposed to and show up on the red carpet wearing nice clothes, give interviews to news outlets and say mostly boring and sometimes weird stuff. That's what a celebrity is meant to be. A nice distraction from the somewhat farcical nature of our government's failings. Let's focus on those celebrities for a while instead. Celebrities like Zayn Malik. Zayn Malik's a fun guy isn't he? Zayn Malik is easy on the eye. Zayn Malik isn't a super slick PR machine hellbent on world domination.

No. Zayn Malik speaks to aliens in his dreams.

Well. Sort of. In an interview with Glamour magazine, the Pillowtalk singer and Gigi Hadid courter was asked a series of 'first' questions. Like 'first celeb crush' (Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen FYI), 'first person you text or call when you wake up' (his mum) and 'first time you realised you wanted to quit One Direction' (aliens came to him in a dream).

Now, there's a slight chance Zayn might be joking. He might be having an oh-so-hilarious lol. But quite frankly, who gives a crap. Zayn's being a normal celeb. A good celeb. Not a celeb parading his new partner on a world conquering tour of dominance. Let's hear it for Zayn, the celeb we asked for, the celeb we all deserve. You enjoy those aliens Zayn. Godspeed.

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