Zayn Malik Explains Why You Put Kisses In Tweets

It’s the first thing he’s tweeted since leaving One Direction

Zayn Malik Explains Why You Put Kisses In Tweets

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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Zayn Malik may have left One Direction looking to become a ‘normal 22-year-old’, but in many ways he’s not normal. One way? He’s got 14.6 million Twitter followers who want to hear from him.

Lucky for them, then, that he’s broken his silence to send his support to all of the fans who were good to him when times got tough:

And, handily, he explained that the kiss at the end was a symbol of love rather than a… or a ‘tbc’ or anything like that:

And there were we, reminiscing about the days when kisses were used at the ends of messages instead of some sort of punctuation, and wondering what it’d be like to actually kiss Zayn Malik.

Another way Zayn’s not normal? He’s so bloody beautiful – did you see him at the Asian Awards, when he sported a newly-shorn head of fuzzy stubble and a nose piercing? We did. We also saw the storm of Jupiter, The Great Red Spot, in the cow lick on the front of his hair and it’s mesmerising… maybe not quite as mesmerising as the fact Zayn’s ‘thanks for the support’ tweet has got over 200,000 retweets.

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