Zayn Malik Cosies Up To Perrie-A-Like!

He's sent fans into a cataclysm of 'WTF'-ery...

Zayn Malik Cosies Up To Perrie-A-Like!

by Sophie Wilkinson |
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If Zayn Malik's new Instagram @zayn, taught us anything about who he loves, it'd be that he loves himself a little bit, posting sad-puppy-dog eyes and pouty selfies. Or that he loves dogs, or black and white colour schemes.

But lo! On Saturday night he uploaded a photo of himself with a Perrie-A-Like. Both of them are topless, it seems (but don't put it past Zayn to get with a girl who enjoys a boob tube).

Comments are as you'd expect, all freak outs and 'what the fuck' and 'this girl must die'.

But who is this girl? Early reports pinned her as Gage Golightly, from Teen Wolf. But her people have denied it's her in the photo, so the search goes on, with avid Zayn fans (have they got a nickname for themselves yet?) and celeb journalists at the frontline of this investigation into the girl's true identity.

As for Neelam Gill, the British model who was meant to be going out with Zayn?

When someone tweeted her this weekend asking who her 'life partner' is, she replied 'myself lol'.

The strangest thing here is that Zayn seems to have dumped fiancée Perrie Edwards... simply to go out with an identikit version of her...

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