Yewande Biala Asks Love Island To Hire More Black Producers

The former islander's comments come after Kaz Kamwi wasn't picked during Monday's episode.

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Yewande Biala has suggested Love Island employ more Black producers to ensure the show is more inclusive, and so Black women have a better experience in the villa. The former islander - who was a fan favourite during the 2019 series - made the comments after contestant Kaz Kamwi, appearing on the current series, wasn't picked in the coupling, and was paired with footballer Toby Aromolaran.

Unfortunately, this is something which happened with Yewande on her series, and it also happened the series before to Samira Mighty. During Monday's episode, fans were left disappointed that the same happened to fashion blogger Kaz, with one person asking on Twitter: 'Why do the #LoveIsland producers always pick men who like white women, but then get a couple of black girls on to be picked last?'

Speaking on Will Njobvu's show on Capital Xtra, Yewande said she related to Kaz while watching the episode, saying it ‘was really sad to see because obviously I was in that position two years ago and, watching it again, it was hard, and I was kind of praying for a different outcome for Kaz.'

‘I think what a lot of people don’t realise about Love Island is that, I always say it’s a mirror image of the society we live in now, where Black women are never really seen or admired by Black men or any other kind of race,' she continued. 'We’re always pushed to the sideline and it’s obviously highlighted on a show like Love Island where there’s obviously only like 12, 10 contestants and one of them is Black, and it kind of shows the society we live in at the moment.’

When Will asked if Love Island needed to cast more men interested in dating Black women, Yewande replied saying that would be 'a start' and the show should cast more diverse contestants too. And, behind-the-scenes, that Black producers should be hired by show bosses. 'Maybe more of hiring more Black producers who can cast these contestants probably would help as well,' she added.

The reality star - who was a scientist before her time on the show - recently announced that she is writing a book, called Reclaiming, which will explore a range of topics 'from the specific microaggressions Black women encounter on dating apps, racialized renaming to navigating a career that may seem impossible'. Making the announcement on Instagram, she explained: 'The book will be a thought provoking, sensitive, challenging and deeply moving collection of essays covering everything from identity to love and career choices. Reclaiming will serve as an inspiring love letter for anyone who has ever felt out of place, but strives to find success in every aspect of their lives.' You can preorder her book here.

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