Why The Wrong Name Was Called Out For Miss Universe 2015

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Why The Wrong Name Was Called Out For Miss Universe 2015

by Lauren Smith |
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Live TV gaffes always spread like wildfire on social media – case in point, poor Olly Murs, who accidentally revealed one of the contestants was leaving the* X Factor* before he was supposed to.

Well on a slightly larger scale, poor TV presenter Steve Harvey has now been dubbed the creator of the 'worst TV moment in 2015' (USA Today's words, not ours), as he announced the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas Sunday night. People are still pretty obsessed with these beauty pageants, and so when Steve mistakenly announced that Miss Colombia, not Miss Philippines (the actual winner), had won on live TV, Miss Colombia took the crown – only to be 'de-crowned' moments later when the real winner was revealed.

Steve then tweeted apologising for his "honest human mistake" – and deleted his first tweet before reposting it, because he spelt the country names incorrectly, according to USA Today.

But apparently the mistake wasn't Steve's fault – it was a teleprompter that fed him the wrong information. Or so he says on the pageant's Snapchat story.

Whether Steve really was fed the wrong info (poor teleprompter, they might get fired), or he just made a mistake (hey, it happens to us all), here's the moment that went viral below.

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