Will Smith Is The Instagram Vlogger 2018 Wasn’t Ready For

Celebs, take note. You’ve been using Instagram wrong this whole time.

Will Smith Is The Instagram Vlogger 2018 Wasn’t Ready For

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If ‘Will Smith’ were to come up in the word association game, you’d have millions of responses to play with. There’d be the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, of course. His wife, Jada Pinkett. His kids, Jaden and Willow. Movies like Men in Black, iRobot and that new Netflix film Bright. Then of course there’s his back catalogue of songs but that’s an entirely different kettle of nostalgically orientate fish. Will Smith has done a lot.

And just when you think you’ve gotten to grips with your wealth of Will Smith knowledge, as amassed over the course over his thirty-year career, he goes and adds one more thing to his expansive ‘cool-guy’ CV. Will Smith, a celebrity who’s comfortably solidified himself as part of the Hollywood furniture in a fairly (and rare) inoffensive way, has gone where no other star has managed to go, without coming across as a bit of a self-indulgent humourless knob. Will Smith has started vlogging, ladies and gentlemen, and we’re here for it.

Normally we’d cringe at this sort of thing. Celeb dad trying to egde his way into the social media world that their equally famous kids so happily occupy? Nah. But family friendly Will Smith has made it work on a whole other level.

Most recently Will made a parody video of his son Jayden’s music video for ‘Icon’. And when I say parody video I mean a shot-for-shot recreation of the intro to the song. It’s great. For reference, here’s the original a la Jaden:

And here’s Will Smith’s masterful recreation. A moment of appreciation for the slippers and fake grill, please.

He posted it on Instagram as a ‘congratulations’ to Jayden for reaching 100 million Spotify streams. ‘It is a Delicious Gift to a Parent to Admire his children’, he wrote. ‘Keep Doin’ You!’.

Clearly Will Smith is the gift here. Need more proof? Here are some more examples to preoccupy yourself with. Credit where credit's due, the man knows how to work the front facing camera.

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