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by Samuel Fishwick |

Beyoncé is many things — Sasha Fierce, Yoncé, and ‘B’, to name but a few.

But, with bouncy new Hot Girl Sabbatical house anthem ‘Break My Soul’ insisting listeners ditch their jobs and take a well-earned break from the grind, we have entered a brand new Bey phase: big revolutionary energy.

Over her 25 career, we have seen many Beys over many days, from Girl Boss to anti-capitalist, a kaleidoscopic rolodex of ideas and identities that the big sister of reinvention has worn like so many different hats (and oh boy, have there been some great hats). But which Bey are you? Only you — or our quiz — can decide.

It’s Saturday night and the squad is going dancing. What do you pull from your walk-in wardrobe?

  1. Gold crop top, hot pants and glitterball durag. Insist the girls all wear the same.

  2. White t-shirt, denim cutoffs and a Yankees baseball cap. Beyoncé basic.

  3. Titanium glove, Thierry Mugler bodysuit, cat-eye sunglasses and heels for days. Superhero strut, let’s go.

  4. A gold coat embroidered with sequins, crystal-mesh, vintage jewels and Swarovski rhinestones, paired with gold-plated and rhinestone earrings. Apotheosis casual.

Your 24-carat ‘video phone’ starts to bling, and it’s your BFF. Who’s calling?

  1. Kelly and Michelle, up for another whirlwind adventure.

  2. Jay Z, albeit saved as ‘Bae Z’ on your phone. Always makes you chuckle.

  3. Blue Ivy, precious angel child and reliable clandestine confidante.

  4. Adele. ‘Ow’s it goin’, mate?

It’s awards season, baby. Who are you wearing?

  1. A champagne-coloured, lace-panelled slip dress designed by Mama herself, Tina Knowles. Matching, not matching with Kelly and Michelle, natch.

  2. Figure-hugging velvet Atelier Versace with honeycomb highlights. Classy, bougie, ratchet.

  3. An all over diaphanous golden gown, ft. ornate gold halo headdress. No, you won’t be drinking.

  4. Sorry, I don’t do press.

A traffic warden is threatening your jumbo blacked-out Humvee with a ticket and doesn’t seem to know who you are. What do you do?

  1. Pay and display.

  2. Sashay away.

  3. Stay and slay.

  4. Have somebody take this mere mortal away.

Rummaging around in your custom Virgil Abloh x Louis Vuitton bag, your hand strikes something surprising. What is it?

  1. Hot sauce. Years too early.

  2. A Grammy. These trinkets are getting everywhere.

  3. A Met Gala ticket. Never again.

  4. A copy of Das Kapital. Interesting.


Mainly 1) You are Destiny’s Child era Beyoncé. Your bandmates are your life and the world is your oyster. But you’re just out for a good time, y’all.

Mainly 2) You are Solo SZN era Beyoncé. You’re sitting on fashion FROWs, Crazy In Love with Mr Jay Z Carter, and no one has yet Put A Ring On It.

Mainly 3) You are Sasha Fierce era Beyoncé. Big shoulders, no prisoners. Who run the world? Girls, but specifically you.

Mainly 4) You are Renaissance era Beyoncé, mysterious and unknowable, post-Lemonade smasher of systems and ever evolving seeker of truth. You've had it with everything. That, or you’re just very busy doing the school run.

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Destiny's Child at the 2000 Source Hip-Hop Music Awards

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