Watch Kendall Jenner Prank Call Kim Kardashian To Tell Her She’s Pregnant

Watch Kendall Jenner Tell Kim Kardashian She's Pregnant


by Katie Rosseinsky |

Hands up who thought making prank calls from their Nokia 3310 was the most hilarious thing ever? In a new clip from chat show Kocktails With Khloé, it turns out that Khloé Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are still big fans of making mischief over the phone.

Joining Khloé in the studio for the show’s first episode, Kendall is tasked with calling up her oldest sister Kim Kardashian to break some pretty big ‘news,’ telling her ‘I'm pregnant.’

The reality star, who gave birth to her second child in December, reacts in klassic Kim fashion with a typically measured response. ‘I’m not the one to talk to because I had, like, the worst experience, and I’m so fresh off the worst birthing experience,’ she said. So far, so positive.

While Kendall claimed that she’d come to Kim first for ‘support,’ the doom and gloom kept coming: ‘Today is not the day… I’m on, like, one hour of sleep because North was up all night, and I was feeding him [her son Saint] every two seconds,’ she continued. ‘And literally, my day has been like so crazy, and I’ve had no sleep and I want to, like, die.’ We feel tired just listening to her.

It wasn’t all misery from Kim, though. After Kendall started fake crying, the star offered to ‘bring [her] 30 kids round so [Kendall] can babysit!’ Sisterly love, or a crafty way of outsourcing babysitting duties?

Finally, Khloé revealed that Kim was being pranked, with her guests agreeing that the whole call was ‘pretty depressing.’ The joys of motherhood, hey?

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