Watch Jennifer Lawrence Fall At Another Premiere

Jennifer Lawrence stacks it at the Madrid premiere of Mockingjay Part 2

Watch Jennifer Lawrence Fall At Another Premiere

by Stevie Martin |
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At the Madrid premiere for *Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 *Jennifer Lawrence stacked it, again. This is the third time she's managed to fall over at an important event when the world's media is looking – perhaps it's something to do with the long dresses and heels? In which case, can her stylist make sure she's in trousers or short skirts from now on, because we feel sorry for her now. First time, is pretty funny. Second time is a surprise. Third time, and you feel a fair bit of pity.

It certainly looks like a genuine face plant – also, will someone falling over really get more people to go and see Mockingjay Part 2? But the poor actress has to figure out a way to walk soon. Otherwise, she's going to end up with a broken leg in a few years. Or she'll fall down a manhole.

While posing for photos after the fall, J-Law had consequently also suffered from Toe Hole - where your toe pops through your tights and you're wearing open-toe shoes. She also had to get help rearranging the dress, which was black and predictably had a mini-train (which is what caused the problem). In the scheme of things, nobody died and the world keeps on turning, but falling over and then getting Toe Hole when you're being photographed is annoying.

We're glad, though, that J-Law remains a girl after our own heart, and wish her all the best for the rest of the premiere run - which includes Beijing, LA and New York. May she continue to remind us that celebrities are walking, talking, falling humans rather than gods. Gods don't stack it and rip their tights.

Power to you, Jen.

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