Watch James Franco Get Peanut Butter Licked Off Him By A Puppy, It’ll Cheer Up Your Monday

It's Monday Morning. It's Grey and Raining. But James Franco Is Here To Cheer You Up.


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Continuing their quest to #breaktheinternet after Kim Kardashian’s fully nude pic, Paper magazine has given James Franco his own Google hangout, in which he is completely at the mercy of viewers.

#MakeJamesDo is the second instalment of Paper’s excellent attempts to make everyone in the world know their name (before, it was just the arty people) by making a video of James smearing peanut butter on his face and getting it licked off by a puppy.

Yes, this happens.

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‘I’m an actor, and maybe I do crazy things, or you think I do crazy things, so this is your chance to make me do whatever you want,’ the actor says at the start. ‘And we’ll see if you do any better with me.’

While the first requests are pretty tame (eat a chicken sandwich while acting like Tweety Pie), things started to get pretty weird rather quickly. Weird and really, really fun.

Let’s just be thankful that nobody tested the age-old theory, ‘If I told you to jump out the window would you do it?’ and instead made him wear bunny ears and a tutu. While James can sometimes be totally cringey, this is him doing what he does best – pissing about and giggling and playing with a small dog. Also, the woman at 4.22 is adorable.

We’re just sad we didn’t get to join in.

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