Watch Drake And Madonna Make Out At Coachella! Seriously.

Watch Drake And Madonna Make Out. Seriously.


by Grazia |

After weeks of suspense, anticipation and persistence (on Madonna's part) it's finally happened. MADONNA HAS PULLED DRAKE!

The most exciting union since Kylie and Jason came this weekend at Coachella, where Madonna pulled rap's hottest property on stage during her brief set, and wasted no time in sucking his face:

We can't say we weren't warned that this was on the cards. Madonna has been in hot pursuit of Drake since last month, when his If You're Reading This It's Too Late mix tape featured a song called Madonna.

It didn't take long for Madge to try and capitalise on this development, sending Drake a serious of flirty Instagram messages and leading us to wonder - who is D?!

Then, last month, Madonna revealed in an interview with Complex that she was hoping to work with Drake, saying: 'We’re gonna work together. Yeah, baby, it’s in the pipeline.' By work together, did she mean 'have a strangely violent kiss in front of lots of teenagers in denim cut-offs'? Perhaps!

More news as it breaks, we are seriously shipping this coupling #Madonna&Drake4Ever

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