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Was This The Mood Board For Kylie Jenner And Travis Scott's GQ Cover?

Internet royalty has a name, and it goes by Kylie Jenner. When it was confirmed that she and one of hip hop's hottest headliners were a couple, Travis Scott was duly catapulted into the realm of Kardashian-Jenner influence and with that comes a weighty responsibility - nailing the couples photoshoot.

For their first editorial photo op, the pair were on the cover of GQ magazine's August issue. Between the interview, the video and the behind-the-scenes Instagram clips, we learn a lot about the couple. For example, Travis may not know the names of all of Kylie's dogs (Norman, Baby, Rosie and Harley, by the way), he is quite the romantic deep down. We also learned that their relationship was born of humble beginnings - they met at Coachella - and when Travis had to leave the Californian valley to continue his tour Kylie just jumped on the bus with him. They got to know each other, fell in love, had a baby girl and already rival Kim and Kanye's 'power couple' status.

But the real draw for the Kylie and Travis's first 'his and hers' venture, is of course the beautiful pictures. Shot by Paola Kudacki, on the cover the youngest Jenner sister is perched on a Dior suited Travis's knee. Coupled with one of the images inside the mag of Kylie draped against her boyfriend with a single leg raised and coy eyes darting down the barrel of the camera lens, you wouldn't be blamed for having deja vu.

The all seeing fashion minds behind the Diet Prada Instagram account pointed out that the Kylie x Travis shoot seems to have drawn inspiration from another iconic duo - Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

There are parallels to be drawn. Kylie and Jane both found fame and motherhood at a young age, they did the messy break up thing and the world is (still) heavily invested in their relationships. There are, of course, huge differences - Kylie is set to become the youngest 'self-made' billionaire and the power seems to be more in her hands than his, and well, Travis is an inspired musical wildcard in an entirely different capacity. But who knows, the creatives minds behind the couples first shoot be signposting the kindred spirit between two noteworthy celebrity romances that we're admittedly totally transfixed by.

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