The Most Powerful Statements At The VMAs

'Yeah, girls wanna have fun. But we also want to have funds. Equal pay. Control over our bodies! You know, fundamental rights.'

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Alongside all of last night's outfits - Megan Fox's sheer dress and sparkly thong! Kasey Musgraves' purple faux fur.... thing! Doja Cat's worm costume! Chloe Bailey wearing a spoon! - as usual, at last night's VMAs, there were some political moments, as stars used their platform to shine a light on some of the more important issues and injustices happening.

You've probably seen on t-shirts before the phrase 'girls just wanna have _fun_damental human rights' based on the hit song Girls Just Want To Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper. And, presenting an award, the singer brought out the phrase herself at last night's ceremony, to reference the Texas abortion law, known as Senate Bill 8, which results in a nearly complete ban on abortion in the state. 'How are you doing? I won a moon person at the very first VMAs in 1984,' the 68-year-old singer said. 'Things are a little different now. Yeah, girls wanna have fun. But we also want to have funds. Equal pay. Control over our bodies! You know, fundamental rights.'

Cyndi wasn't the only one to make reference to women's rights, either. Superstar Billie Eilish commented on women's rights when she received the Video For Good award, echoing in her speech the sentiments of the song which won her the Moon Man trophy, Your Power: 'We need to protect our young women at all costs. For real. We also need to remember that we all have power and we have to remember to not abuse it.'

Lil Nas X - who's highly-anticipated album Montero is released this week - also made a powerful statement in his performance, paying tribute to those living with HIV. Mardrequs Harris of the Southern AIDS Coalition, joined the rapper on stage and sported a jacket which was emblazoned with the number 433,816 in red - which, according to GLAAD, is 'the number of people living with HIV in the U.S. South'. When accepting the award for his music video to Montero (Call Me By Your Name), he started off his acceptance speech with: 'Thank you to the gay agenda!'

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