Vladimir Putin Is Flying The Flag For Male Cosmetic Procedures

Vladimir Putin

by Rebecca Cope |
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Donald Trump might want to get the number of on-off pal Vladimir Putin's Botox man, (seriously, these two are 'frenemies' to rival Blair and Serena...), as the Russian leader's face is looking pretty youthful (just plain full?) of late.

Rumours that the shirtless horse-riding leader had indulged in injectionables first emerged way back in 2010, when he was spotted with telltale bruises on his cheekbones during a trade negotiation with Kiev. Since then, he's barely aged a day. Trust us - either the 64-year-old is the possessor of the Philosopher's Stone, has a wrinkly old portrait in the attic a la Dorian Gray or is getting Botox injected into his face on the regular.

Of course, the Donald has been mocked in the past for the rather shoddy work he's had done (and done his fair share of mocking: remember when he sexistly put down news anchor 'crazy Mika' after she supposedly turned up at Mar-a-Lago with a 'badly bleeding facelift'?) but his Russian counterpart seems to be praised for his pioneering work promoting Botox-for-men. At least, we think he deserves some cred, anyway.

Not that he's the first powerful world leader to indulge. Colonel Qaddafi of Libya was so dedicated to his cosmetic surgery that he'd undergo procedures without anaesthetic at night so he wouldn't get assassinated in the process. The former Italian PM who had a penchant for putting models in his cabinet (his parliament, come on) Silvio Berlusconi, was even rumoured to have had plastic surgery below the waist.

Of course, if it had been a female politician showing the obvious signs of a bit of getting a bit of 'work' done, there would be no end of tabloid columns. We can see the headlines now: 'Theresa May Swaps Brexit For Botox', 'Merkel's Botched Face Bigger Gaff Than Mishandling Of Far Right Protest'. But Trump and Putin seem to get off likely: a cursory Google found that the majority of pieces speculating on the latter's ageless facade were from 2011-2013, while Trump's face, perhaps justifiably, is rarely the punchline (there's so much more fodder to choose from, after all).

In a world where every female politician and First Lady's outfit choice is chronicled and critiqued, we're echewing Ms. Macron style-watch for a while to focus solely on Putin's frozen-in-time face.

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