A Video Has Emerged Of Solange Apparently Attacking Jay Z In a Lift After The Met Ball

No word yet on what the attack is about. Or if it's legit. But Solange seems pretty angry.


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A video has just emerged from TMZ which* seems *to show Solange vicously punching, kicking at screaming at Jay Z in a lift. From what they're wearing, the incident appears to have taken place after the Met Ball, but what's strange about it is how little Beyonce - who is also in the lift and the bottom left of the screen - reacts to the attack. According to TMZ, Solange is restrained by a bodyguard, who also emergency haults the lift on the 12th floor to keep the attack private, before Beyonce and Solange leave the event in one car and Jay Z leaves in another.

Of course there's no official word from Beyonce, Jay Z or Solange's camp as yet - so no way of knowing if the tape is legitimate. But that won't stop speculate about what's behind the attack fuelling the internet for the next few days/weeks/months. So watch it below and make up your own mind.

Jay Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by Beyonce's Sister Solange - Watch More Celebrity Videos or Subscribe

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