Victoria’s Secret Model Magdalena Frackowiak Shuts Down A Reporter Who Asks About Her Food ‘Cravings’

A Victoria's Secret Model's Perfect Response To A Reporter Who Asks About Food Cravings


by Edwina Langley |
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Getting ready for the Victoria's Secret show is, understandably, a rather stressful process. What you don't need is a reporter asking inane and irrelevant questions. Right?

Well, that's just what VS model Magdalena Frackowiak felt when a *TMZ *reporter asked what she was most excited about eating after the show.

She raised her eyebrows and exclaimed in total surprise: 'What?!'

Refusing to answer, she went on to say instead: 'You'll make me look like an idiot!'

When the reporter responded half-heartedly, 'No, no, no, of course not!', Frackowiak rolled her eyes.

'Yah, but it [will] seem like I'm starving myself,' she replied, 'and can't wait for the show to end, to eat.'

Realising she wasn't going to play ball, the reporter backtracked: 'No, no, no, I know you girls work really hard,' he stuttered, 'and this is, you know, this is the culmination of everything...'

But she waved him off, simply responding: 'Ok guys, no.'

Hats off to you, lady. Hats off!

*Check out the clip below... *

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