Victoria Beckham Turns 40, Happy Birthday Victoria!

Here are some lovely videos to commemorate some of our favourite Vicky B moments...


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Some say life begins at 40, Victoria Beckham might say that life begins when you cast off the memories of your girlband past to become a well-respected fashion designer. Either way, Victoria is about to enter a new phase of her life, as she turns 40 today. With four kids, a husband who looks really great in pants and is now stringing polysyllables together (see below, it'll make sense) and two great careers under her belt, we eagerly anticipate what she's going to get up to with the next 40 years of her life.

To commemorate Victoria, and also acknowledge that sense of humour we always hear about, here's a fun video of her and David 13 years ago (when she was 27, thanks #maths) being interviewed by Ali G for Comic Relief. They talk about anal sex, David's inability to talk, why they named Brooklyn 'Brooklyn' and there are a lot of giggles. Just by the way, the phone lines are now closed, so don't bother calling in.

Oh, and while we're at it, here's that Olympics Closing Ceremony performance

Oh, ok then, there's also this clever video of ALL of Victoria's solo parts in the Spice Girls' songs.

And perhaps one of the top five Spice Girls solo efforts, Out of Your Mind, performed on Top of The Pops with Dane Bowers.

You're welcome.

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