Here’s How To Do Breakfast Like Victoria Beckham

Smashed avocado on biblical bread.

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and Victoria Beckham certainly thinks so. Recently, the fashion designer has been showing us her 27.7million Instagram followers how she starts her day, with varying results… Last week she revealed that she managed to burn Cruz’s Weetabix, but her latest breakfast offering looks a lot more palatable.

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The fashionista posted a pic of smashed avocado on Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Yes, the bread - made with ‘sprouted’ grains - is named after a Bible reference. (‘Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself. You are to eat it during the 390 days you lie on your side.’) And it has quite a holy price, too. One loaf is £5.95 – plus a £2.99 delivery charge as it is only available from Amazon’s online grocery store (and it has since disappeared from site, so we're thinking that it must have sold out).

Why the hype, anyway? Apparently sprouted seeds have some nutritional advantages because during germination vitamins such as B1, B2, folic acid and vitamin E increase.

It follows when VB made the internet giggle last week - for burning Weetabix, of all reasons. She recently shared a post revealing how her son Cruz had refused to eat a bowl of cereal she'd whipped up, after it ended. On her Instagram story, she said: ‘So I always get up to make the kids breakfast, and this morning Cruz wanted Weetabix. And he didn’t eat it, and I think this is proof that I’m not great in the kitchen. A lot of love went into it, but I’m not surprised he didn’t eat it. It’s a bit tough.’

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