Victoria Beckham Admits ‘Purchasing’ Boobs

Apparently, she went from a 34A to a 34DD back in 1999… in case anyone hadn’t noticed


by Sophie Cullinane |
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In today's so-unsurprising-it-almost-hurts-a-bit news, Victoria Beckham has admitted that she had a boob job back in the late ’90s. Shocking, we know.

Victoria had said that her body was ‘completely natural’, the Spice Girl-turned-Wag-turned-designer has admitted to getting a little boost in her bust back in 1999. After giving birth to her first son, Brooklyn, a doctor at a London clinic increased her bust from size 34A to a 34DD. She has since had the implants removed, and we'd sort of noticed the improvement.

When asked about her breasts, she said: 'I don’t have them anymore.'

She cheekily added in the interview with Allure: 'I think I may have purchased them.'

She thinks? Maybe husband David coughed up some of the cash, you know, for a wedding present or something.

This is the first time Victoria's publically acknowledged her plastic surgery. In 2005, her lawyers were forced to disclose that she ‘had in fact undergone breast enhancement surgery.’ Victoria herself even hinted at the surgery in British Vogue in 2011 saying ‘no torpedo bazookas. Gone.’

But for those people who still had their concerns*, she’s now said irrefutably, without a shadow of a doubt, that those boobs were about as real as the The Wizard Of Oz. Maybe it’s time we all moved on now.

*Presumably these are people without eyes, ears or the internet.

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